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5-Step Protocol to Reduce No-Shows of B2B Sales Appointments


It’s inevitable. You have an awesome sales appointment that you’ve ducked out of a company meeting to attend. You’ve done your research. You’ve adjusted your presentation a few times. You wait and the meeting pops up in your Outlook. You’re prepared. It’s go time. You pull up your WebEx. Five minutes go by… ten minutes go by. Nothing.

Ah, the dreaded no-show. It happens. As salespeople, we know it happens and we even allow for a certain percentage of no-shows in our metrics. But we thought we’d share with you a protocol that has helped us reduce no-shows in our internal sales efforts.

Sometimes a prospect truly has a good reason to miss a meeting. However, to help ensure you connect with a high percentage of your presentation attendees, follow these steps. (Note: These steps apply to teleconferences.)

  • Open your WebEx/GoToMeeting and dial into the conference bridge 5 minutes before your presentation starts.
  • At 2-3 minutes past the start time if your attendee has not joined, open the invite and forward it to the prospect stating:

b2b sales appointments

  • If another 3-4 minutes have passed and they have not joined, call your attendee directly on an alternate line while you remain on the conference bridge and if they don’t answer leave them a message with the dial in number. Again confirm that you are waiting on the conference bridge and look forward to speaking with them.
  • If at the 10-12 minute mark they still have not joined, send an email stating you waited on the call 12 minutes, but you are now going to be at your desk awaiting their call directly. Leave your number and mention that you look forward to your discussion.
  • Have a strong Reschedule Process with a feedback loop between the Sales Reps and the Appointment Setting Team.

Good luck this first quarter in meeting your slaes goals! Please download our free resource for 2013 sales goal-setting.

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